Trusting what THEY say?

This afternoon, my husband and I were planning to go for a long walk.It had been a gorgeous, crispy day and the countryside around our house was creating an urgent invitation not to miss its rolling meadows and lakes, shimmering in the afternoon sun.

But any one who lives in Texas can attest to how quickly that can change.

In the time it took to load the dishwasher, and slap on my favorite walking shoes, the clouds started to form puffy gray clusters.The wind picked up it pace. The crispy air turned limp bread soggy. Then, poof. Where did the sun go?

I suggested Plan B. Lets flop on the sofa, in front of the fire.

But my husband wasn’t having it. He was looking at the weather radar for our area. IT said, right there on the screen, the skies were clear. Surely THEY were right. He is a GPS, gizmo kind of guy. IT/THEY, the radar guys running the algorithms in some far away place are clearly indicating there is NO rain in our area.

Yep, I know what THEY are saying AND I….am looking out the window.

So, this little scenario got me to thinking…..

How often do we find ourselves looking outside of ourselves for answers? How often do we automatically assume that someone or something else knows WHATEVER IT IS, better than we do? The “experts”…THEY know best. Certainly.

Google. It knows best. How often do I reach for my phone when I want to know something…almost anything….instantly. And, I take it as a fact that’s always right. It’s a quick way to find the truth. I’ve come to count on its veracity. Just like that radar screen my husband is looking at.

How often do the “THEY’S”, in the world, sway our confidence or make us stop in our tracks, questioning our decisions and abilities on the way to a dream?

“You know what THEY say?” Ever heard that expression? Ever followed those “THEY’s” into a decision? Ever been sorry? “THEY” have a way of making us feel small and incapable….and more often than not….afraid.

I have always been more in the “you are NOT the boss of me” camp, clearly, loudly, and proudly questioning all kinds of things. It’s just a general life filter. While my husband seems to feel more comfortable with all forms of authority….just like today. He is ready to read the weather radar before looking out the window. His healthy respect for all those really smart people who came up with radar in the first place causes him to believe in it’s utter rightness.

But I don’t care what THEY say. I’m looking out my window and it’s about to rain.

It reminds me of polls. There are people who make their living just conducting polls…THEY are supposedly finding out what “everyone” else is thinking, feeling and doing. How often have we EVER told anyone else what we are REALLY thinking? How often have we edited our actions when someone else questions us about them? And how often, do we even actually know WHAT we are really feeling?

But THEY are telling the rest of us what’s going on, what’s going to happen now and in the future. THEY know.

Well, after our recent election, in which the polls could not have been more OFF, THEY blew it. Big time.

If there was a way to yell a gigantic “Nanner-Nanner-Nanner” into a world-wide megaphone, I would be first in line. Not because of any political statement but because of the often arrogant certainty with which THEY proclaim THEY know MOST and THEY know BEST about how the world is going to work.

So that got me to thinking…..

If anything, the recent polls are a sure reminder. WE, not THEY, are in charge. THEY really can’t tell us anything, about ourselves with certainty. WE are our own best experts. WE need to trust OUR own instincts, OUR own two eyes, OUR own two ears, OUR own inner yearnings and leanings.

So yes, radar is very useful. It keeps planes from crashing into one another. It predicts weather “out there” sometimes within minutes of its happening…like with rain on the way. THEY, the radar guys, and the weather guys, and my husband rely on it.

But me. I will walk outside, when the sky is rumbling and the wind is blowing and the air is full of sudden dampness. I will stick out my tongue and hold out my hand. I don’t care what THEY tell me….I don’t care what the colored map on the computer screen says. If raindrops are hitting my tongue and if there is a little puddle in the middle of my palm, it’s confirmed for sure.


And, me, myself and I….will stay parked on the sofa in front of the fire.

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