Words I wish were mine. I share with you.

My favorite word is….YES.

I ask myself…“How do I get to ‘YES’?….all the time.

If it’s something I really, really want to know, or do, or be, then I ask,
“How do I get to “Deep Yes”?

When I get quiet and remind myself that faith is the absence of worry, then all kinds of answers and words and plans come to me to sift through.

Lately, I have been searching for some new “Yes’s”…the everyday kind and the deep, soul-level ones. While I have spent the better part of my life taking an idea, someone else’s dream, and turning it into reality for them….I am realizing that I could use of dose of myself on myself. Ready to rock and roll in new ways but I am still searching for the right dancing shoes.

When I’ve found myself at this point before, I turn to certain authors and just let the pages of their books fall open. Voila! No kidding…there is always something that leaps up, as if the type has lifted off the page and is smacking me around a bit. This is why I still like actual hold-in-your-hand books so much. They are much like people…each one has its own energy. The size, the cover, the pages and the type style….all of it feels and looks different, providing a tactile sensation along with content to come back to over and over. IPads don’t fall open like that. They just fall on the floor when I fall asleep trying to hold onto one.


Dawna Markova is one of those authors for me.

In her book,WIDE OPEN, she writes about her own journey in taking time to figure things out about crafting and re-drafting a renewal of life and her purpose in it. If I could have written exactly the same words, I would have, as her heart seeps into syllable.

She captures what I have been feeling for a while now…..unrest, that’s not rudderless…I am moving through my life as always, with energy and enthusiasm, with love for my friends and family and with great tenderness and determination advocating for my clients. The ME that never got to be a biological mother, gets to use all that nurturing and clucking skill, along with my business background and life experience to create some vital traction for others. I love that.

AND, if you have ever had a dog…you’ll know what I am talking about when I say…I am internally cocking my head at myself…just the way a dog does when you have made some weird noise and they aren’t quite sure WHAT to make of IT or YOU. Head cock here.

Dawna had taken herself on a six month sabbatical…..

“because my life had flattened into a list…..I had no idea how to be in my own company without the external stimulation of media or someone else’s needs to attend to.

There are many people in this particular time of history who, like me, are feeling disconnected from a world that pours forth anguish like rain. I know there are others who need to learn to live in an interdependent, diverse, ever-changing world, where breakdown of everything we have counted on is daily fare.

Another thing I know is that we all need inspiration now. Right now. In times of great change, people reach for meaning because meaning brings strength. When we don’t have a sense of purpose, when we don’t know what we love, what gifts we bring, and what we truly serve, we create lives (that are very busy) and workplaces that are fundamentally meaningless and devoid of vitality. We stop listening to the deepest aspects of ourselves and each other.

We stop learning how to fulfill ourselves from the ordinary events of our lives. We become solitary bystanders rather than full participants in life.

After we grow up, life asks us to grow forward….

Creating lives that are empowering rather then imprisoning means asking yourself some very challenging questions:

**How can I bring forth the gifts and talents that are hidden in me and others?

**What do I truly love and value about life?

**What are the environments and rhythms that bring out the best in me?

Each of these evocative questions is meant to help open the uncharted territories of your inner world. They hold the possibility of orienting you toward what your life is asking of you and what you are asking of life.

Purpose is the activating intelligence that guides our life. It is distilled from the stories and ideas that emerge from the big wide conversations we have with ourselves. It emerges from the yearnings in each of us to create meaning and wholeness.

Open your heart and mind to all that you can make possible in this world.”

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