Your REAL Friends. Do you wonder sometimes?

The other day, I was at the dentist. I love to go to the dentist because he is one of the friendliest, wittiest, most fun-loving, people-loving people I know.  While he has all ten fingers in my mouth, he distracts me with his stories.  So what does that have to do with real friends?

On my last visit, he told me about his teenage daughter who had been friends, for years, with a girl who never seemed to be much of a friend to her in return.  He asked his daughter why they were friends.  She said, “Well, Dad, she doesn’t really have any.” From a parent’s perspective, he could understand exactly why this girl didn’t have any friends and although he admired his daughter for being kind to this difficult, manipulative little witch, he could hardly stand to watch their one-sided relationship play out.

Haven’t we all been there?  We wake one day and realize we have had enough? Sometimes we are drawn to people who make friendship noises but over time the puff and fluff just doesn’t hold water. We find ourselves repeatedly drawn into their drama or feel the stomach-knotting discomfort that comes with insidious comparing and competitiveness. Sometimes, becomes most of the time, in simply wishing they would shut up. We are exhausted after being with them.

So I thought it would be a good thing to revisit what a REAL friend feels like.  It might be a good idea to put this short list in your wallet because you can absolutely, bank on it.

A real friend….makes it easy for you tell them the whole, unvarnished truth.

A read friend.…hears what you’re not saying. They draw you out of yourself to help you SEE.

A real friend…. keeps your story close to their heart and NEVER gossips behind your back.

A real friend….inspires us just by being who they are.. not because they are trying to FIX us.

A real friend….will not let us give up on ourselves, even when we want to throw in the towel.

A real friend….is genuinely happy for our success. Their emotional pom-poms are always

ready to cheer us on.

A real friend looks past our broken-down gate and admires the flowers on our fence.

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